He Hits Him Right in the Pate!

the-pack-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-4558332-640-480On today’s episode Bobby has to leave halfway through because his child is born! We still manage to cobble together a full episode for you though in which we talk about hyena-men and women, croissants, the size of razorbacks, Cider House Rules, and more! Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts we will likely not be putting out a podcast next week, but check in in case I (Ryan) put together something special! By special I mean not about an episode, as it will be decidedly unspecial.

The Buffoons are: Ryan (@FauxRomano), Bobby (ComplexAction.net / @GMFunkytown), Aaron (MalarkeyTV.com / @Malarkey_TV), and Grant (SlopStache.com / @TheSlopstache) Find us at MalarkeyTV.com/buffoons or email us at [email protected]


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