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  • Learn the lessons we learned the hard way… the easy way!

    Introducing the first educational show designed for millennials. Join a slacker 30-something, a kind-hearted schoolbot, a gambling race horse, and a sociopathic ventriloquist dummy in their adventures through the magical world of Millennial Square!

  • New Episodes

  • Pathetic Human

    Glue the Gambling Racehorse talks to Ryan Reynolds about how sad it is to be a human being.

    Glue vs. Ketchup

    Glue the Horse conquers his fear of fancy ketchup using virtual reality with the help of the Samsung Oculus Gear VR. Sponsored by Samsung Korean Red Ginseng.

    The Middle Manager – Ask a Loser

    Frank interviews Grant about his wasted life for his new blog. Grant opens up about studying classics in college, temping, and getting lost in the wilds of Middle Management.

    Politicians and Bosses

    Frank explains the sociopath nature of bosses and presidential candidates in this educational Q&A. Ask your own questions here in the comments or by emailing [email protected]!


    Frank, Chuck, and Glitchy teach us how to deal with the police.

    Coping and Murdering

    Frank the Sociopath may be a dummy — but he’s no dummy! In this series he dispenses wisdom and advice relating to life, the universe, and everything!

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