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  • Show is the show where you tell Emerican Johnson what to talk about… and he talks about it. With topics ranging from politics to pop culture to ink-wienie meltdowns, there’s nothing he won’t cover in
    a scotch-fueled ramble!
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  • Paul Simon and They Might Be Giants

    Join me as I drive down to Atlanta on holy pilgrimage to see Paul Simon and They Might Be Giants live in concert. We talk about music, murder, and how $25 parking is for suckers.

    Harriet Tubman defeats Andrew Jackson

    Harriet Tubman will soon be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. This has special significance for Show host Emerican Johnson, whose first film heavily featured these two in a battle for the soul of America.

    The Creepy Geek vs. President Trump

    Today we test some gear, go for a walk, and have a relaxing tirade about Donald Trump’s immigration platform. It’s fun for the whole separated family!

    Moustache Ride and the Sucky Skies

    We’re back in the saddle and ready to kick out some more slammin’ vidz, but first we have to run some errands. Ride along and listen to Emerican Johnson whine about some stuff and not really be that funny this time.

    Unicorn Poop and Silver Spoons

    A grab bag of topics from the audience in this crowdsourced extravaganza. We discuss that unicorn poop video, Emerican’s private area, and the Westphall Universe Hypothesis.

    The War on Clickbait

    Concerning conflict contra clickbait cretins. Let’s discover some cool new content creators!

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