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  • A new kind of culinary icon

    Daring to explore tastes and smells that other chefs and critics shy away from, here is a man who fears no food. There is no gullet more iron, no gag reflex more relaxed.

    The Slopstache eats it so you don’t have to.

  • New Episodes

  • Nasty Korean Fish Snacks

    Are they toenails, or are they nasty Korean fish snacks? The Slopstache must use his wits, his tongue, and his big ugly nose to determine the answer, or certain doom awaits him in the Dungeon of Mysteries!

    The Crisco Conundrum

    Some of life’s mysteries are…. Crisco! If the Slopstache solves this vegetable-based shortening puzzle he will be one step closer to escaping the Dungeon of Mysteries. But if he fails: his certain downfall awaits!

    Slopstache Mysteries Pilot

    Can Grant “the Slopstache” Robertson uncover the secrets of the Dungeon of Riddles? Find out in this premiere episode of The Slopstache Mysteries!

    Rockit Apples

    Slopstache brings you a tube full of apples in this apple-packed tube of food, a healthy special slop edition!

    Durian Ice Cream

    Slopstache meets his nemesis once again in this nauseating ice cream unboxing and food review.

    Golden Pizza

    Slopstache shows you how to impress your friends with a home made Pizza Hut Golden Pizza. But don’t eat spray paint or you will develop delayed neurological problems!

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